Civil Engineer Jobs, Employment in Bismarck, ND USA

Civil Engineer Jobs, Employment in Bismarck, ND USA

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Federal Aviation Administration

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Civil Engineer Jobs, Employment in Bismarck, ND USA

Vacancy Description (Please follow complete instructions carefully)


1 vacancy in the following location:

  • Bismarck, ND
    Bismarck, ND

Relocation expenses reimbursed: No

Telework eligible
Yes as determined by agency policy

This job is open to

  • The public
    U.S. citizens, nationals or those who owe allegiance to the U.S.
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Veterans
  • Special authorities
    Eligible individuals who are not listed above, under a special authority, are defined in federal recruitment rules.

Clarification from the agency
Excepted Service – Also open to those eligible for 30% or More Disabled and/or Veterans’ Recruitment Act.

Announcement number

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In support of the Airport Improvement Program (AIP), the Airport Office (ARP) in the Great Lakes Region serves as a Civil Engineer for the Dakota-Minnesota District Office, and airport design, construction, such as all airports The program is responsible for matters. Maintenance, operation, and safety.


Civil Engineer Jobs Responsibilities 

In support of the Airport Improvement Program (AIP), this position serves as a civil engineer for the office of the Airport (ARP), Dakota-Minnesota District Office in the Great Lakes Region. Dakota-Minnesota airport serves as the chief federal aviation administration (FAA) responsible for all airport program issues in design, construction, maintenance, operation, and security.

The Airport Improvement Program (AIP) reviews, evaluates and recommends all aspects of grants-in-aid program in relation to the eligibility, propriety, and conformance regarding grant assistance (AIP) and/or passenger facility fee (PFC). Approved airport layout scheme (ALP).

Review and comments on engineering design drawings, specifications, construction security, and step-by-step plans to comply with established requirements.

Participates in pre-design, prefabrication and construction meetings. Coordinate development projects with a senior engineer or supervisor to meet the FAA rules, standards and guidance.

Field inspection, status report, and project reviews data from the report out report. Coordinate the findings with the Senior Engineer / Supervisor for completing the project with alignment with technical compliance and requirements.

To visit the airport and current and proposed construction sites to inspect the construction progress and inspect the construction. Provides results to a senior engineer or supervisor to provide an acceptable level of security.

Internal FAA acts as a point of contact for stakeholders to coordinate the assigned AIP development projects. Contact the local, state and federal authorities in the coordination, evaluation, and approval of the federal grant for the airport, with the support of a senior engineer or supervisor.

By implementing the technical and programming expertise, in the context of the national airport system, the company collaborates with the owners of the public airport, which results in the good investment of federal funds.

To determine the eligibility of the work reviews the business services contract including the change order and the supplementary agreement. Before the approval, prepare and submit a final review assessment to the senior engineer or supervisor.

Developed recommendations for the modification of standards for design and construction documents (MOS) in collaboration with the Senior Engineer.

Runways participate in security meetings and make recommendations to management regarding fund allocation for any recommended runway security projects.

Review and Process Aeronautical Studies

Coordination with other FAA divisions in relation to reimbursable agreements and projects which may affect the FAA facility or operation.

Regular problems and/or issues are resolved in the absence of applicable guidelines.

Draft correspondence to sponsors associated with all aspects of the development of the airport by Congress reactions, briefing papers, approval letters and more experienced engineers for guidance.

Performs other duties as assigned.

Travel Required
25% or less – The job can require 25% of travel.

Supervisory status: No

Promotion Potential: NA

Job family (Series)
0810 Civil Engineering

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  • Construction Engineers
  • Engineers, Civil
  • Engineers, Construction


Conditions of Employment   

  • US citizenship is required.
  • Selective service registration is required for men born after 12/31/1959.
  • This position has a positive education requirement. Transcript(s) required.
  • This position requires frequent travel.
  • A valid state driver’s license is required.
  • Flow in the English Language
  • No chemical dependence/drug misuse that can interfere with job performance


Civil Engineer Jobs Qualifications   

Basic Requirements: You must have a degree in professional engineering to meet basic requirements for FV-H / GS-12. To be accepted, the course must: (1) stay in engineering school with at least one course recognized by the accreditation board for engineering and technology (ABET) as an engineering engineering course; Or (2) five of the following seven areas of engineering science or physics, difference and integral calculus and courses (more advanced than first-year physics and chemistry) include: (a) statistics, mobility; (B) Strength of material (stress-stress relationship); (C) fluid mechanics, hydraulic; (D) Thermodynamics; (E) electric field and circuit; (F) The nature and properties of the material (related to particle and composite structure for properties); And (g) fundamental engineering science or physics, such as optics, heat transfer, soil mechanics, or any comparable field of electronics. Or combining education and experience. For additional information about qualification requirements, please visit the Personnel Management Office (OPM) website. In order to qualify for this position on FV-H, you have to meet the basic requirements outlined above and should be displayed in your application that you have at least one year special experience for FV-G / FG / GS-5 Equals 7/9 Examples of specialized experience include the following: Experience the review and comment on construction engineering step pictures and specifications, which include construction security stepped fields. Experience review and comment on contracts, order changes, and/or supplementary agreement. Experience collecting and analyzing data from different sources and presenting conclusions through the report or formal briefing. Http://

Eligibility requirements must be completed with the expiration date of this vacancy announcement.



Positive education is required in this position: Applicants will have to submit a copy of their college or university transcripts and certificates from the expiration date of the declaration to verify eligibility. If selected, an official transcript will be required before the appointment. You can upload these documents with your application in the United States JoeBs or fax to the fax number given in the declaration (please include the declaration number on each page).

Failure to do so will result in loss of ideas.

Schools should be accredited by a recognized institution accredited by the American Education Department. Authentication can be verified on the following website:

Foreign education should be evaluated by a private professional organization specializing in the interpretation of foreign education certificate or accredited American educational institution in the context of the degree of degree acquired in the American college or university. A copy of the assessment results should be included, otherwise, your foreign education will not be considered.

Foreign Education: If the degree was obtained in a foreign institution, then it should be evaluated by a private professional organization, which is equivalent to an accredited degree in American College or University, as a Foreign Education Certificate or a recognized American educational institute Expert in interpretation of Failure to submit assessment will result in loss of consideration.

Preview Job Questionnaire

Additional information  

We can use this vacancy to fill similar vacancies.
The position may be subject to background check.
The one-year probationary period may be required.
The person selected for this position may need to enter the financial disclosure statement within 30 days of entry on duty. FAA policy restricts some external employment and financial investment in aviation companies.

As part of the Federal-Wide Recruitment Reform Initiative (streamlining recruitment process), FAA is committed to ending the use of knowledge, skill, and ability (KSA) stories from the initial application in the recruitment process for all announcements. Therefore, as an applicant for this announcement, you do not need to provide a narrative response in the text box listed below each KSA. In your work history, instead of providing a KSA story response in the text box listed below each KSA, please include the information that you complete the response level or provide specific examples of the answer you have chosen for each KSA. We do. Examples of your work history should be clearly and clearly reflect the ability of the highest level. Your KSA answers will be evaluated to verify that the level you choose is appropriate based on the work history and experience you provided. Your answers can be appropriately adjusted by the Human Resources specialist.

If you are requesting any special recruitment authority to consider, you will need to submit the following document:

30% or more Disabled Activities: You have a DD 214, Discharge Certificate (Member 4 per priority is given), and supporting documents by form SF-15 as required documents such as 1 991 or later from the official statement The present existence of veteran cases or experienced disability should be presented to the branch of the Certified Armed Forces.

Veteran recruitment appointment: You must submit a DD 214, Discharge Certificate (Member 4 per priority is given). Applicants claiming 10-point preference should provide the required documents as Form SF-15, such as the official statement from the official statement, the Department of Veterinary Affairs or the Armed Forces branch, in the year 1992 or later, to certify the present existence. Prior to Priority, the inefficiency associated with the experienced service is awarded.

Appointment with disabled persons with disabilities and persons with disabilities: You must provide proof of disability document (i.e. a letter schedule) which:

  • A letter or other document with official signature on official stationery/letterhead
  • Explains clearly that you are eligible for appointment under Schedule A Appointing Authority mentioned in PWD / PWTA Recruitment Authority or 5 CFR Section 213.3102 (U).
  • There is no need to expand the need for specific inability, medical history, or housing.

The position can be filled in FV-G, FV-H or FV-1 pay bands. See Vacancies announcements:

This is a deal unit position.

Link for important information: Locality Pay, Cola


Required Documents   

You need to copy or upload your informal college transcript, certificate, PE license, and/or foreign education accredited assessment to get an consideration. These documents should be uploaded or faxed on 847-294-7691 on or before the expiration date of this announcement. All submitted documents will have to reference the declaration number. Failure to submit these documents will result in loss of ideas.

We can not guarantee the receipt of timely and can not take responsibility for the quality or ease of fax, as a result of illegal documents will be a loss of ideas. Please limit your fax to up to 10 pages. You only need to deposit the necessary items on the announcement.

Notification of Personnel Action (SF-50) should be submitted with your application.

Positive education is needed in this position; For all candidates appointed in the FAA in the 810 series, college transcripts are required.

The copy of the college should be applied to the existing FAA staff for internal vacancies if they do not have any status in the 810 series with FAA.

There is no requirement of college transcripts from existing FAA employees who are currently capturing 810 series.

If selected, official transcripts are required before employment.

All veterans: If you are claiming the preference of veterans, you must either submit the DD Form 214 certificate of the release or discharge from Active Duty (Member 4 transcript or equivalent), or certify a document of the Armed Forces You will have to do that within 120 days you hope to be discharged or released from the active duty service under honorable conditions. If you are claiming 10 point preference, you must submit a complete SF-15, 10-Point Veteran Priority application, and the supporting documentation mentioned on the SF-15. Documents should be uploaded or faxed to the Servicing Human Resources Management Office listed in this declaration and all documents should be obtained from the expiration date of the declaration. If you fail to submit the documents, then you will be evaluated as non-experienced.

If you are claiming 10 point preference but fail to submit the supporting documents mentioned on SF-15, then you will be rated as 5 point preference, provided your DD-214 indicates that you have priority To qualify for the service is necessary. Documents should be uploaded or faxed to the Servicing Human Resources Management Office listed in this declaration and all documents should be obtained from the expiration date of the declaration. If you fail to submit the documents, then you will be evaluated as non-experienced.

At present, the waiters claim the title of the giants: If you submit a document from the Armed Forces, you will be given the highest priority so that within 120 days you are expected to be discharged or released from the active duty service under the respected conditions and your The application shows that you have the necessary service. Before being appointed, you will have to give a DD Form 214 Discharge / Release Document to the HR Management Office and it indicates that the service was honorable or normal. If you are on Terminal Holiday, you will have to provide authorized Terminal Holiday certified documents.



The U.S. Provides a comprehensive benefits package to a careers staff with the government. As a federal employee, you and your family will have access to a variety of benefits, which are designed to make your federal career very rewarding. Learn more about federal benefits.

Review our benefits

Eligibility for the benefit depends on the type of position you hold and whether your position is full-time, part-time or interval. Contact the recruitment agency for more information on the proposed special benefits.


How to Apply For Civil Engineer Jobs

You need to apply online to get consideration. To accept your application, there should be a condition of “Received” by Eastern Time at 11:59 p.m. on the close date. If you are applying for posts related to FAA registers, then you should have the status of “received” in your application every time you get an idea of the posts associated with registration.

Keeping in mind your work experience and/or education, please be clear and specific about your experience or education.

We strongly encourage the applicants to use the USAJOBS Resume Builder in the creation of Resume.

Please make sure that each work history includes all the following information:

  • Job Title (Include a series and grade if Federal job)
  • Duties (to be specific in describing your duties)
  • Employer’s Name and Address
  • Supervisor’s name and phone number
  • Start and end dates (e.g., June 18, 2007, April 05, 2008) with month, day and year
  • Full time or part-time position (includes working hours per week)
  • Salary

Determining the length of the normal or specific experience depends on the above information and failure to provide this information may result in disqualification as a result.

You can upload the complete document to your USAJOBS account. While applying for future vacancies, this will give you the opportunity to reuse the information uploaded. For more information about uploading and reusing documents in your applications, please refer to this guide, the Documents Upload Guide.

Agency contact information
Patricia Masupha Patricia Masupha
Phone: (847) 294-7744

Fax: (847) 294-7858


Federal Aviation Administration
AGL Regional HR Services Division
2300 E. Devon Ave., Room 250
Des Plaines, IL 60018

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